Online Manual for the Forest Tree Seeds of Kerala

A Kerala Forest Department Funded Project

Dr. K Sudhakara
Professor & Head of the Department
Dept. of Silviculture & Agroforestry
College of Forestry, Kerala Agricultural University, Thrissur 680 656
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Scientific Name  Annona reticulata L.
Vernacular name  Manilanilam, Parankich - chakka (Malayalam); Luvani (Hindi).
Common name  Bullocks heart, Ramphal
Family  Annonaceae
Origin  Tropical America (Sasidharan, 2004).
Distribution  A native of West Indies, naturalized in eastern and south India (Prajapati et al., 2003).
Description  A small deciduous tree, larger than squamosa, up to 10 m high (Prajapati et al., 2003).
Flowering season  Summer season (Prajapati et al., 2003).
Fruiting season  End of the rainy season (Prajapati et al., 2003).
Flowers  Flowers cordate or subglobose, brownish or yellowish (Prajapati et al., 2003). Greenish white, 2 or 3 in short lateral peduncles, usually scattered in the branches; sepals 3, small; outer petals 3, fleshy, rigid, 2.5 cm long; inner ones very small; stamens many; carpels many (Bose et al., 1998).
Fruits  Fruits subglobose, yellowish brown, when ripe (Prajapati et al., 2003).
Fruit type 
Seeds  Black smooth seeds (Prajapati et al., 2003).
Seed length 
Seed width 
Seed thickness 
Seed weight 
Seed dispersal 
Seed Collection 
Transportation of seeds 
Seed processing 
Seed storage 
Viability period 
Seed emptiness 
Seed pre treatment  GA3 promotes germination (Cartagena-Valenzuela et al., 1998).
Germination type 
Germination percentage 
Germination period 
Nursery technique 
Method of propagation  By seeds (Prajapati et al., 2003).
Vegetative propagation 
Medicinal properties  Unripe and dried fruits are used in diarrhoea and blood dysentery. Fruits, leaves, seeds and bark are used as medicinal (Prajapati et al., 2003).
Uses  Ripe fruits are sweet and edible (Prajapati et al., 2003).
Wood properties  Wood soft, close grained, greyish white. Pores moderate sized scanty (Prajapati et al., 2003).
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